Anna Wintour Apologizes for “Hurtful” and “Intolerant” Behavior at Vogue

by Eddie Roche

Anna Wintour has addressed race issues with her staff at Vogue in an email obtained by Page Six. The email was sent to staffers last Thursday and included the admission of mistakes when it comes to highlighting black creatives.

“I want to start by acknowledging your feelings and expressing my empathy towards what so many of you are going through: sadness, hurt, and anger too,” Wintour wrote. “I want to say this especially to the Black members of our team — I can only imagine what these days have been like. But I also know that the hurt, and violence, and injustice we’re seeing and talking about have been around for a long time. Recognizing it and doing something about it is overdue.”

“We have made mistakes too, publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for those mistakes,” Wintour continued. “It can’t be easy to be a Black employee at Vogue, and there are too few of you. I know that it is not enough to say we will do better, but we will — and please know that I value your voices and responses as we move forward. I am listening and would like to hear your feedback and your advice if you would like to share either.”

The Condé’s Nast artistic director also acknowledged that Vogue has not found enough ways to “elevate and give space to  Black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators.”

“I am proud of the content we have published on our site over these past few days but I also know that there is much more work to do. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me directly. I am arranging ways we can discuss these issues together candidly, but in the meantime, I welcome your thoughts or reactions.”

She also mentioned Condé Nast is working to support organizations “in a real way.”  There was no mention of what those organizations are exactly.

Bon Appétit’s longtime editor in chief Adam Rapoport resigned this week over a brownface photo of him and wife that resurfaced on Twitter and criticism from BIPOC staffers.

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Daniel Muccia June 12, 2020 - 12:04 AM

Using her standards and those who she openly attaches herself to and admires – she should resign or be fired.
comes home…


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