Anna! Angelina! 11 People Who Should Be on Instagram

by Sydney Sadick

Not everyone wants to be a social media star, darlings. Remember the words of Scarlett Johansson…”I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than have to continuously share details of my everyday life,” she famously told Interview in 2011. Johansson isn’t alone in her lack of interest in social media. Here are 11 celebs, editors, models, designers, and political  pundits who aren’t on Instagram, but who we really wish were… 

  1. Anna Wintour: While she’s made a rare appearance on Vogue‘s Instagram account, the editrix queen isn’t an Instagram user herself. One place for her signature black shades and classic bob cut, and a behind-the-scenes look at all the goodness we can imagine goes on in her daily life.
  2. Kate Moss: @KateMossAgency doesn’t count—we want this fashion icon to join herself, already!
  3. Huma Abedin: Between her political background and love for fashion—we saw her all over NYFW last season, from the Prabal Gurung to Oscar de la Renta shows—Huma’s world is Insta-worthy, for sure.
  4. Angelina Jolie: Hollywood gold. Enough said.
  5. Mary-Kate Olsen: Considering how private she is, a peek into her world would feel—simply put—refreshing.
  6. Ashley Olsen: See above.
  7. Jennifer Lawrence: We understand the “like” notifications would be nonstop, but Jennifer, we want to see you!
  8. Kristen StewartStella Maxwell is on it, so why not?!
  9. Sandra Bullock: She has an Instagram fan page with 810K followers. Is that not enough proof to join?!
  10. Jennifer Aniston: Pretty please!
  11. Amal Clooney: Clooney plus new babies? Simply parfait.

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