Amy Schumer (and Donald Trump) Cover Vanity Fair

by Eddie Roche



Amy Schumer makes herself at home on the May cover of Vanity Fair in a shot by Annie Leibovitz with styling by Jessica Diehl. Inside, Schumer chats with Bruce Handy about her early days as a thespian. “My sister and brother liked to play characters that already existed, like Snow White, but I liked to make up my own characters, and I’d walk around as that character in the house, and people would address me as her,” she said. “Madame Lavitchky was a big one. She was a fortune-teller. I would wrap my head and turn a glass vase upside down and I’d give readings to everyone, very dramatic. Like ‘Your husband’s going to die at war.’ Crazy shit.”

VF EIC Graydon Carter also had a little fun on the cover with a quote from Donald Trump that slams the Condé title (see below Schumer’s left armpit on the cover). “@VanityFair Magazine is doing really poorly. It has gotten worse and worse over the years, and has lost almost all of it’s [sic] former allure!” the quote reads.

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