ALLSAINTS Releases The Third Installment Of Its Biker Portrait Series

by Paige Reddinger
ALLSAINTS has launched the third installment of its Biker Portrait series: The shoot is entitled “Def in Venice”, and is a love letter to the youth and culture of Venice Beach, California. That means plenty of street-cast, “cooler than you” PYTs wearing ALLSAINTS iconic leather biker jackets. The inspiration came after creative director Wil Beedle was on a trip to California and was impressed by the many sartorial takes on the brand’s clothing he saw on kids in Venice.
“I was struck by the number of people wearing our clothes in ways I’d never seen before–unique to their environment and lifestyle,” said Beedle in a statement. “This sense of personal interpretation made me want to dig deeper, so we ended up staying an entire week–street-casting people we found compelling, adding our latest biker jackets to their own ALLSAINTS pieces, and just getting to know them. The biker jacket has always been a symbol of freedom and attitude, and the unwitting stars of Def in Venice express these values in such unexpected and inspiring ways.” The new series features black and white snapshots of the street cast models who span various industries from musicians and artists to skaters and surfers. And just in case you’re wondering who did the amazing soundtrack, it’s Ariel Pink doing a cover of Joe and Donnie Emerson’s lost ’70s classic, “Baby”. We’ll take more of the James Dean lookalike below…et vous? To check out more of these beauties, take a peek at the chic video to see them in action.


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