All-Natural Beauty Katharina Mazepa Elevates Social Discourse and Earns Star Ambassador Role With Strongcell Nutrition

by The Daily Front Row

In today’s progressive evolution of the fashion industry, there has been a transformative paradigm shift. Rather than the alien, anorexic cast that models were supposed to always fit into circa the 1980’s and 1990’s, today’s social media age has spawned a set of new ideals that are more oriented towards inclusion, healthiness, consciousness, and sustainability.

With this paradigm shift, there has been the emergence of a new hero in the fashion world: a women that still deserves the merit of a bonafide top model yet who champions these new progressive qualities. Perhaps no better example can be found than Austria’s Katharina Mazepa. The former Miss Vienna didn’t simply rely on her striking looks and pursue a traditional route in the modeling industry. Instead, she paid acute attention to what felt right for her life, her psychology, her all-around life goals. Then, in understanding, how these natural qualities would be useful and perhaps aspirational (given her achievements) to young women everywhere, she developed a strong social media presence that cultivated inclusion, a zest for fitness, her natural sexy and fun demeanor, and also an overarching desire to spread awareness for key issues that were important to her.

Amongst these key issues that are so integral to Katharina’s brand are advocating on behalf of all natural, self- love and body appreciation for women. One of the key ways she does this is through her all natural, vegan fitness routine which consists of high intensity interval (HIT) training, yoga, and running at least five (5) days per week. The only products/supplements she touches are all natural supplements such as Strongcell, which only enhance the body’s natural metabolism and have no artificial ingredients. In this day and age when consumer values are so important for brands to accommodate, forward looking brands like Coq10 + NADH supplement brand Strongcell have made the right decision by partnering with a star like Katharina who is so clearly in touch with conscientious consumer values.

Written by: Thomas Herd
Presented by: T1

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