Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet On Her Kids (And Herself As A Kid)

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Ever-adorable Daily fave Stacey Bendet caught up with us at her Southampton store over macarons, cupcakes, and lemonade recently about how summer’s wrapping up, what’s happening for fall, what she was like in her younger years, and what happens when you let your little ones dress themselves. (Hint: there are fairy wings involved.) 

What’s your current state of mind, with NYFW fast approaching?
I am totally in fashion mode. All social interaction is difficult for me right now. Everything I’m thinking about tends toward the collection or the show.

What direction are you going with this fall?
I am going with kind of a bohemian theme.

So nothing girly?!
I just felt like I needed a total change. It kind of flows from my Fall and Pre-Spring collections.  Fall was about this sort of street style, with not quite as many dresses. 

Are you sad to see summer go?
I love fall clothes so much that I’m always excited for summer to end. Maybe I’m the only person! 

Anything fun happening this fall?
I’m just excited ‘to wear fall clothes’. And I’m throwing a big fall birthday party for my husband in October. 

Is there a theme to that?
We’re working on it!

What’s the most childlike thing about you?
Everything! I have a kid like sense of humor and I love unicorns, stuffed tigers, and all things pink.

 What were you like as a kid?
I was really hyper and energetic. But then at the same time, I had this crazy focus. My mom used to joke that if I was reading, the rest of the world didn’t exist.

Are you like that now?
I kind of am! If I’m into something, I can sit there and I don’t notice anything around me, like if I’m on the phone or walking, I don’t hear or see anything. Also, I’m still pretty hyper.

How did you dress as a kid?
I remember being tortured when I couldn’t wear what I wanted. Getting dressed is little girls’ first form of creative expression! 

So do you let your girls pick out their own outfits?
It’s really important, no matter how much it pains you to let them dress themselves. They wear a lot of sequins and fairy wings. My daughter Eloise is in this phase right now where she’ll only wear long sleeve white T shirts. I’m like, ‘it’s 90 degrees out,’ but she just doesn’t care!  

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