Alessandro Michele Met His Boyfriend on Myspace

by Aria Darcella
Alessandro Michele

Over the weekend, Alessandro Michele was featured in a new profile in T magazine, wherein he discussed his tenure at Gucci and all of his quirky inspirations. But the anecdote that stood out the most in the profile was of a more personal nature. Turns out Michele met his partner, Giovanni Attili, on Myspace of all places. Apparently, when the designer — and next year’s Met Gala host — got a new laptop back in 2005, a friend insisted that he sign up for the OG social media platform. He quickly stumbled across his future partner’s profile picture among his friend’s friend list.


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“It was just the view of a beautiful landscape in Canada,” Michele told T. The designer was apparently so social media adverse at that point that he didn’t even realize he could enlarge the photo to see what Attili, a professor of urban planning, actually looked like. “I didn’t realize that if you clicked on the picture and made it larger, there was a little guy inside,” he said. “I didn’t know I had the possibility to get inside that picture. I was really bad.” Despite this, the pair began messaging, and they’ve been together ever since.


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Though today their respective Myspace accounts are hard to find (if they even exist at all), it appears the social media love is alive and well between Attili and Michele. Both are on Instagram, and frequently comment on each other’s posts. Attili’s account is also filled with gorgeous landscape photos, in case anyone was wondering exactly what kind of aesthetic Michele fell for.

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