Activewear Brand ALALA Launches First Customizable Tight Program

by Sydney Sadick

ALALA, the activewear brand launched by Denise Lee, is about to up our legging game with the first customizable tight program: ALALA Carte. The brand’s best-selling “captain ankle tight” can be customized in a range of colors and prints at the top, bottom, or middle mesh panel of the tight, as well as monogrammed on the lower ankle portion, for $185.

To showcase the new variety, which will exclusively be sold at, Lee invited 11 women to be photographed for the campaign. The list includes Brittany Franklin ­(master instructor, FlyBarre), Danielle Prescod ­(managing editor of Obsessee), Lily Saito ­(American Repertory Ballet Company dancer), Olivia Perez ­(founder, Friend of a Friend), and Valissa Yoe (DJ). Each woman customized her own tight to showcase her personality and athleisure style.

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We caught up with Denise to get more scoop on the new venture and if we can expect more customizable chicness in the future…


What made you think the athleisure world needed a customizable tight program?
ALALA has always been a brand that stands out from the rest, and the ALALA girl has a sense of style that’s all hers as well. We wanted to come up with a way for her to express herself in the clothes she wears the most and feels the best in.

How did you come up with the idea?
We hear from customers all the time about how much they love our Captain Ankle Tight. They’re always asking us if it comes in other colors and prints. We listened to the conversation and thought it would be amazing to offer the Captain Ankle Tight as a blank canvas to see how our customers would make it uniquely their own.

How will the program work?
The tights can be customized on a special page that we created ourselves, especially for ALALA Carte. There are three different sections of the tight that customize the color of, which comes out to more than 700 possible color combinations. To make it totally unique, we are offering a reflective monogram option.

Favorite offering?
I am a huge fan of the neutrals combined with a pop of color. We kept the palette very sophisticated and infused it with some of our existing spring colors, so the ALALA Carte tight can be worn with other pieces in our collection.

How did you select the 11 women photographed in your campaign?
ALALA is all about strong, independent women who are charting their own paths and feeling amazing while doing it. The women we picked for the campaign might be in different careers and life stages but all embody the confidence and love for life that the ALALA girl carries with her every day.

Are we going to see other customizable items in the future?
Yes, we would love to introduce new colors, prints, and products to ALALA Carte in the future!

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