A Virtual Wardrobe, Via Ambre Dahan's 'Walk In My Closet'

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Ever wished you had Cher’s amazing virtual closet organizer from CluelessThe moment has finally arrived, albeit 18 years later. Joe’s Jeans creative director Ambre Dahan (and wife of the denim brand’s founder, Joe Dahan) launched Walk In My Closet today, which allows users to catalogue, plan, and share their personal looks. On top of that, the site will also be a magazine, an e-commerce shopping destination, and a place where users can consign their clothing. It’s Clueless, eBay, and Net-A-Porter all rolled into one.

An app can be downloaded to snap your duds and it will automatically silhouette your pieces to a white background so that you can clearly organize and see an overview of your own wardrobe. Now you don’t have to waste time trying to come up with outfits to wear; just organize your wardrobe online in advance. There’s even a special section for organizing outfits before traveling. Don’t have enough time to photograph your wardrobe? If you live in New York, Los Angeles, London, or Paris, the site offers a photography service that will come photograph it for you. The service includes photography, styling, and retouching of your wardrobe for up to 300 items for $1,200. Not only is this virtual closet organization good for planning outfits, but also for getting rid of unworn pieces: “You’ll see on my page that I’m selling so much,” said Dahan. “I realized what I needed to get rid of and what I will always love. Sometimes I’ll buy so many black blazers, but only end up wearing the same couple of ones.”

The consignment is another big feature on the website, where you can hawk pieces that haven’t seen the light of day all year. The website takes 25 percent of the sale. You can list your own goods, or utilize the site’s concierge service. The latter consists of a 35 percent commission to the website, but you can ship your pieces to them and they will style, photograph, list, store and ship your items for you as they sell. That means freeing up space for a wardrobe revamp while raking in the money for a closet reboot.

Other features of the site include “cliques” which allow you to add friends and see inside their closets. Of course, you can also be anonymous should you not want to air your dirty laundry. Plus, curated e-commerce shopping for those looking to revamp their wardrobe, interviews and closet reveals with tastemakers like Irene Neuwirth, and an online editorial magazine with curated trend reports from L’Officiel editor Lea Pariente. How did Dahan juggle her roles as a mother, wife, creative director and now internet entrepreneur? “I worked on it as a night project for a year and pitched it to my husband,” she said. “After awhile he was finally like, ‘OK, can I have my wife back now?'” If this website gets as big as it’s poised to become, Dahan won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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