A Moment With…Rose McGowan

by Eddie Roche


Ruffian’s Los Angeles collection debut yesterday was in many ways championed by designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais‘ dear friend, the friendly and fab Rose McGowan, who told us before the show why she thinks L.A. is having a moment, what bores her about NYFW, and her own designer ambitions. J’adore!

How do you know Brian and Claude?
I met them through a friend, and they’ve really become central figures in my life. I’m one of the peopleif not the main personwho pressured them to move to Los Angeles permanently.

Looks like you’re succeeding!
I take them on the subway! I take them downtown. L.A. is a 480-mile city and people only explore about five miles of it.

You ride the subway?
Yes! Each stop has its own art installations. [The city] spent millions of dollars, and each installation is so amazing and there are 10 people on the subway who aren’t noticing it. I think it’s great to have beauty around at any time.

Why do you think L.A. is having this fashion moment right now?
L.A. is punk as fck. Not people from Orange County or the Valley or that cliche idea of what L.A. looks like, because nobody I know looks like that. I find the New York shows to be dull. I feel like I’m a buyer, and I’m not a spectator, so give me a fcking show.

Did you help the boys with this show?
I exist. I help them with my existence.

Would you ever want your own line?
Yes! I design things for myself privately. What I currently want to do is get my hands on the tuxedo that Celine Dion wore backwards and have that remade and wear that to the Oscars.

OK! Where are you favorite places to shop in L.A.?
The usual suspects…Decades, Helmut Lang…I don’t go to McQueen here, which is weird. And then there are my weird online Ambien purchases.




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