A Moment With…Rebecca Minkoff

by The Daily Front Row

We’re always game for a chat with Rebecca Minkoff! What’s her hangover cure? We investigate! Enjoy this nugget from the first issue of our very own, The Daily Stylist out in Vegas now!

What’s your favorite style from your new denim collection?
I am currently living in the “Jane” skinny jean. It’s so versatile and comfortable.

Denim-on-denim: Discuss.
It’s all about putting different shades of denim together and playing with proportions. It tends to look costume-y when you get too into it. Justin and Britney at the AMAS in 2001 is the perfect example of what not to do. 

We still heart J-Timbs, though! Speaking of couples dressing together or alike, is actually wearing your boyfriend’s jeans a yay or nay?
Yay! As long as you have the attitude to pull it off!

And maybe a belt. So what’s the one denim trend you wish would go away?
Pleated denim shorts! 

If you had to choose between a rock star in denim or a cowboy in denim, who would you choose and why?
A cowboy in denim, it just seems natural.

OK, what “happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” True or false?
Oh, so false! It’s hard for things to “stay in Vegas” these days with so many forms of social media. Is it really worth doing if you can’t Instagram it anyway?

Who’s your favorite Hangover character?
Chow, he’s a bad ass!

If you were to gift him one of your bags, which one would he get?
I can see Chow with my “Flame” bag in bronze because it’s versatile, he can carry lots of cash in it. 

Any crazy tales to tell?
Yes, but we can’t talk about that here.

How do you cure a hangover?
Coconut water is key.

What’s your go-to Vegas ensemble?
A mini dress.

The Vegas buffet: to devour or avoid?
Devour once and then avoid forever. At least you can say you’ve tried it!

If you could choose one thing from the buffet, what would it be?

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