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A Moment With…Project Runway's Dmitry Sholokhov

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Whether you’re a Project Runway junkie or not, you’ll probably want to check out Season 10 winner Dmitry Sholokhov‘s exclusive spate of dresses now available at Lord & Taylor! We chatted up Sholokhov as he debuted the new line at the department store about his architectural inspirations (thank his dad for that) and the thrill of furniture shopping (for free!) on the street…

How did Project Runway change your life? 
After I won, I had so much fan mail from all over the world. Everyone was asking me how they could get the dresses and when they would be available. 

That’s flattering! How did this Lord & Taylor collab come about?
We decided to create something based on my final collection from Project Runway. I wanted to give my fans my signature pieces and elements, like cut outs and sheer aspects, while keeping it elegant and timeless. So here we are, and I hope people will love it!

Your aesthetic gets praised for its architectural nature. Why so structural?
Well, it just comes naturally to me. My dad was an architect, so I was always surrounded by architecture. I guess it’s in my blood! 

Do you apply that principle to your personal style?
I do. Everyday I wear dark colors, black and grey; something comfortable, really. These days I have all sorts of appearances and events where I have to look sharp. So when I don’t have to go anywhere, I walk around in outfits that are as comfortable as it gets! 

You’ve worked for the likes of Calvin Klein, Jones New York, and Anne Klein! 
Those are like layers of my career. Every house I’ve worked for, I learned something new. When I came on the show, I was already a professional designer. 

Speaking of houses, what’s the decor scheme like in your digs?
I’m very eclectic when it comes to my home. I don’t really have a specific style; I have all kind of textures. It’s just things I love. Some of the things I even found in the street, like a little dresser and table I found when I used to live in the West Village. I couldn’t believe that someone actually left it outside! 

How do you unwind from work?
After every collection, I feel absolutely empty. With all of the adrenaline in your body and all of the excitement…I definitely need at least a couple of weeks of downtime to take it easy. I run, sleep, eat. Then, little by little, the creative energy comes back and I’m ready for the action again.

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