A Moment With…Model Turned Active Wear Designer Adrianne Ho

by Kassidy Silva

Between traveling from coast to coast, modeling, and filming her own lifestyle television show Sweat the City, Adrianne Ho is a very busy woman. Now she’s adding more to her plate with her new active wear line, Sweat Crew. We got the dish from Ho on the new line, which will be sold exclusively at PacSun starting August 21, 2015.

Tell us about your inspiration for the collection.
I wanted each piece to be something a woman could wear on her way to or from a workout but not look like it. You can wear it to work or going out with friends. There are details and pieces that are high fashion silhouettes or have a street edge to them, but you can be active and work out in everything!

Is that similar to your own style?
That has always been the inspiration for my own style. Especially, when I’m in New York! I didn’t have time going from castings and meetings and photo shoots to go home to change. I got tired of carrying my clothes on me all the time. So I was always buying tights or wearing tights instead of jeans. Every piece [in this collection] you can transition and sweat in!

Can you dish on your favorite pieces?
Oh gosh, that’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is! I would say every piece is special but look out for the long bomber jacket – it’s reversible with black on one side and lilac pink on the other. That’s a piece I love with its versatility; you can literally pair it with a sports bra and tights or a t-shirt.

Why did you choose to collaborate with PacSun?
I think PacSun has done a lot of cool stuff in the past, especially with some of the brands they’ve collaborated with. They’re a very approachable brand, have locations all over the country and ship internationally. I wanted this collection to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Who’s the girl we would see in your collection?
My girl is a little bit of a rebel but she cares about her fitness and health. She lives a busy life style and is always on the go.

As a fitness guru, what is your go to work out class?
I love spinning. I can bring friends with me. It’s fun and when the music goes on it’s like you’re at a party!

How about your favorite work out tracks?
I like a lot of Drake or Future. Then some pop songs by Beyoncé or Rihanna.

Are the workouts different from LA to New York?
In New York, you can hit ten different classes in one block since everything is so condensed but you can’t do as many outdoor workouts. In LA, there are huge opportunities to work out outside, you can go for a hike or a run all year round.

You have a huge social media following! Who are your favorites to follow on Instagram?
My favorite person to follow is @AdorableAnimals! They have the best videos and photos of animals doing the cutest things.

You have a cheeky Twitter bio “Follow a Ho”…
Well my last name is Ho and everyone in high school growing up would always yell “Hey Ho!”, so I just had fun with the name when I set up my Twitter.

Can you give us the scoop on Sweat the City?
I can’t say much now. But we are hitting New York, LA, and Toronto and are going to be seeing the best of the best in all of those cities. There will be an app that goes along with it as well!

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