A Moment with…Carole Radziwill

by Sydney Sadick

We caught up with author, Real Housewives of New York star and birthday girl Carole Radziwill at What Goes Around Comes Around’s kick off party for the Hampton Classic last eve. Take it away, Carole! 

Happy birthday! How’s it going?
It’s great! What better way to spend my birthday than shopping the closet of What Goes Around Comes Around?

True. You look great, by the way.
Not to sound conceited at all, but I can show you pictures from my 20s when I was on ABC News; I dressed super conservative and had that Hilary Clinton haircut–the little bomb–and I look at them now and I’m like ‘Oh my god’ [laughs]. But I think there’s something to be said about keeping it young. I don’t think it’s about skin tone as it is about spirit. Or a mix of both. Good genes, is good genes. Speaking of good jeans…What Goes Around Comes Around really does have the best collection of vintage Levi’s in the city.

What made you team up with the store for this event?
I’m a long-time shopper of What Goes Around Comes Around. They have a great store in Soho. I like to wear vintage because I loved the style back in the ’60s and ’70s…they were just killing it in design. You don’t look like everybody else when you go out. I trust What Goes Around Comes Around because they have the most edited and eclectic designs. Seriously, like every single piece is something special. There is not a single mistake. Sometimes I’ll go down to the basement and look threw all of these clothes…if it was really my closet, I’d never leave home. But I would look fabulous at home.

What’s a tip for shopping vintage?
You have to buy what you really feel good in, because that’s what makes you look good. Confidence is key. I’m maybe stuck in the ’70s musically and fashion wise, but I like a lot of their designs. I also know what looks good on my body, long dresses. They fit me physically, and my personality. I think women make mistakes when they try to be something fashion-wise that they’re not feeling inside. I always say, style is how you live your life and fashion is a dress. To live with style is completely style than to be well-dressed. And I try to live with style.

Have you been having a fun summer?
Yeah! I’ve been finishing working on my third book, which is due in the fall. I’m really excited about that. I was really happy to stop filming the show so I could get back to that quiet, introspective space of writing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it because I had been filming the show so much in the last couple of years, so that was nice. I’m also trying to just relax and have fun. I’m working on a project with my boyfriend Adam, who’s an incredible healthy food chef. I am the last person, as I think the world knows, to care or think about food. I just eat whatever’s in front of me. I changed my kitchen into my office. But Adam has very quietly and very elegantly changed the way I think about eating and food. Anyone who knows me is stunned. There’s something to be said for that; he just eats and lives healthy, so we’ve been kind of working on maybe doing some kind of cookbook together–the girl who doesn’t cook and the guy who loves to cook.

Do you come out East a lot?
I really don’t. When I was married my husband and I had a house in Sagaponack and we were here every weekend and two weeks in August; it was our playground. But since he’s been gone I haven’t really been coming out much at all, unless I come to see friends. We also film a bit out here. I’m more of a mountain and lake girl. I like upstate vibes and love the Berkshires. A few friends of mine have barns upstate. That’s kind of my hang.

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