A Hot Minute With Kaia Gerber To Talk Beauty, Fashion…And Monkey Bread!

by Freya Drohan

She’s beauty and she’s grace; and she’s just like the rest of us. YSL beauty ambassador Kaia Gerber was in town to help the brand showcase its holiday collection, which places low-key radiance and achieving a je ne sais quoi glow in the spotlight. And while the supermodel needs *very little help* in the way of looking lit from within, she revealed that she’s really just down to swap the red carpet for family time and take a pause at this time of year. But rest assured, if the occasion does call for it, she’s got a beauty and styling trick or two up her sleeve! 

What are you most grateful for this holiday season?
I’m spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with family. We’re splitting time, half with my mom’s side and half with my dad’s. I haven’t seen a lot of them in so long because we’ve all been spread out. So I’m really grateful for quality time with them, and extra grateful for my immediate family and the time we’ve been able to spend together.

Do you have any fun family holiday traditions?
On Christmas morning, my mom and I bake monkey bread. It’s a family recipe, and everyone wakes up to the delicious smell of it—all that sugar and cinnamon!

What beauty vibe are you excited to channel this year?
I’ve always loved YSL Beauty—Touche Èclat has always been my favorite product. And I knew Tom Pecheux [YSL Beauty’s global beauty director] from long before too, so to be able to grow our relationship has been a really wonderful thing. I’m inspired by the French cool girl look—Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy—so I always try to channel that and YSL Beauty goes parallel with that.

The holidays tend to be hectic! How do you cheat the appearance of looking well rested and glowing?
I really try and make the holidays my least busy time. It’s important to get rest, and now that things are all happening again, we need to remind ourselves to take some time out.

What does self care look like to you?
Really just doing what makes me happy. Over the year, we put so much pressure on ourselves to stick to a workout routine and a certain work schedule. During the holidays, I just try to reset.

What’s the best backstage beauty trick you’ve learned recently?
Tom does really wonderful face massages before, and sometimes after, the makeup to help it settle in. He likes the makeup to look a little more worn—it takes away from the perfectionism. That’s something I’ve taken away from him.

Let’s talk party fashion! You must have a tone of events, what are you excited to get dressed up in this year?
You’re making me sound a lot more popular than I am! I love tights: tights and a dress and boots is alway a classic and chic look, so if I’m going to a holiday party, that’s my go to. I also love coats, and because I live in California, it’s very rare that I get to wear one, so I’ll take any excuse to put on a nice trench!


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What’s another failsafe party outfit you turn to?
A blazer is always a good option, and I love a blouse with a bow or tie. Trousers and a blazer too!

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?
I get most of it from films, particularly French films. And different Instagram accounts that post stills from films!

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