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A Few Words On Weddings With Carolina Herrera

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On Friday night, Carolina Herrera showed her gorgeous Spring 2016 Bridal collection at her midtown HQ. Supremely romantic live strings provided the soundtrack, and the lush scent of fresh jasmine was everywhere, fittingly, as the flower inspired Mrs. Herrera’s latest looks for her elegant, exceedingly feminine brides. Many of the mods carried bouquets of the fragrant flower down the runway. Voluminous skirts sporting exquisite detailing on the back (parfait for that walk down the aisle, right?) catered to more traditional brides, while a creamy pantsuit or a jasmine-embroidered gown catered to more risk-taking brides-to-be. Throughout the collection, very feminine, waist-cinching silhouettes prevailed (all the better to create “seductive” bridal looks, as Mrs. Herrera described the collection). Your Daily caught a moment with Mrs. Herrera backstage to discuss why she j’adores jasmine, if she believes in dancing at weddings, and more. Plus! Check out the full collection in our Gallery below… 

What do you love about designing Bridal?
It’s so romantic! Let’s face it, [the wedding] is the most important day in the life of a woman.

What’s the story behind your latest bridal collection? 
The collection is based on falling jasmine, because I love that flower. All of my perfumes include jasmine and tuberose. I wanted the girls to look sophisticated, but very seductive at the same time.

Wedding dresses aren’t often described as seductive…
All these girls [the models] are constantly working out, so why not show off what wonderful shape they’re in? [Laughs] 

Since jasmine inspired your latest bridal frocks, are you a big fan of fresh flowers?
Yes! I have always have flowers, in my houses, in my office…everywhere.

And what appealed to you about jasmine in particular?
When I was growing up in Caracas, my room was next to the garden, which had jasmine vines; they open in the evening. I always had jasmine on my mind growing up! And the first perfume I smelled, which was my mother’s, was Joy by [Jean] Patou, which has jasmine, too! Now we have a CH Carolina Herrera jewelry collection called “Falling Jasmine”, designed by my daughter, Carolina Herrera de Baez,  which is where the earrings, headbands, and bracelets in this show are from.

Do you get emotional at weddings?
I have to tell you, I didn’t have time to cry at any of my daughters’ weddings, because I was too busy [fitting their dresses]…They had me working for them!

Can we find you on the dance floor?
Yes! Dancing is great. It’s a new thing, though: Years ago, there wasn’t any dancing at weddings. But now that weddings are often in the evenings, people dance. And why not?


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