A Few Franca Sozzani Gems

by The Daily Front Row

Gotta love Franca Sozzani! In a recent interview with The Telegraph, the Italian Vogue EIC clarifies those comments she purportedly made about fashion being ridiculous. Not so fast! “It’s not that fashion itself is ridiculous. It’s the people in fashion who make fashion ridiculous,” Sozzani explains. “When you look at the front row…Only at the shows you see those people. When [other] women go out and enjoy their life they want to be beautiful, they don’t want to be ridiculous. There is no man who wants to be with a ridiculous woman. It’s only the fashion crowd. They dress to be portrayed by bloggers and street style [photographers].” Ohnoshedidn’t. Sozzani also talks about dreams, explaining that she “cannot live without” them. ‘If you have a big dream you can make it. So you have to dream on a big scale. Martin Luther King said that he dreamt one day his kids would be appreciated for their character, their knowledge, not the color of their skin. Forty years later we have a black president. So you have to think and fight for the big things. The dreams should be huge. Of course you can dream to have a bag, but that’s a small dream.” You tell ’em, Franca!