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A Decade's Worth of Telling The Daily What You Ate!

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Think fashion people never eat? Certainly not the case, from what we’ve been told over our past decade of Daily-ing! From designers to models to editors, food is perhaps the most universal topic on everyone’s minds (and lips). Read further to get a taste of the edible banter we’ve heard from the runway frontlines. You may be surprised what some are snacking on…

“During the day, I eat Twizzlers and cheese, and drink champagne. Cheese fills you up…champagne keeps you bubbly. At 1 P.M. every day I eat a shrimp cocktail from the restaurant downstairs. But I will never join a gym.”—Betsey Johnson circa 2006

“When I only melted one pound of a cheese a day and not two.”—Charlotte Ronson on the most extreme diet she’s ever gone on, circa 2005 

Hey, chicettes! A meal is not complete without… (circa February 2004) 
Michael Kors:
Tory Burch: “Dessert”
Rory Tahari: “At least two desserts”

“One year I had a request for boxes of tissues backstage. Models were eating the tissues and drinking the champagne so they wouldn’t eat the food.”—Patty Hughes circa 2003

“You’re dancing, you’re drinking,  and you’re, like, I need pizza! I need fries! You need greasy food, cheesy food.”—Zaldy on post-party carbs, circa 2006  

“This room is so crowded but it’s all fashion people. If I wave a big baguette in the air and go, ‘Hey, watch out for the carbs,’ do you think they’ll move out of the way?”—overheard at Charlotte Ronson’s show, circa 2006

“Sushi is sexy, not romantic, but sexy.”—Sasha Pivovarova, circa 2006 

“The fashion breakfast of champions is Diet Coke and a cigarette.”—Patrick McDonald, circa 2006 

“…And one weird fried chicken nugget that I ate off a colleague’s plate when she wasn’t looking.”—Bonnie Morrison, on what what she’d eaten that day, circa 2007 

“The bodices? I thought they were noodles, which tells you where my mind was—on carb loading!”—Allure‘s Linda Wells, on the Narciso Rodriguez show, circa 2007

“Now, being in America, I will tell you I also like Carnegie Deli. Size matters! Here we go, big sandwich! I love to eat.”—Alber Elbaz, circa 2007

“I’m starvation nation right now…It’s the Fashion Week Diet. Being around all these skinny people, you’re motivated not to eat. And you’re so busy, you never have time to eat. And you’re always talking, so you’re not thinking about eating!”—Leven Rambin, actress, circa 2007

“I do eat it [lamb]. It sounds sacrilegious to say that here. The best lamb? Cipriani’s.”—Cathy Horyn at the L.A.M.B. show, circa 2007

“I’ve had caribou. It’s quite tasty.”—Lucky’s Alexis Bryan Morgan on whether or not she’s eaten moose, circa 2008

“We were supposed to go eat at Hooters, but got denied! So we went over to McDonald’s and got Chicken McNuggets and Happy Meals. It worked out even better!”—Alexander Wang, circa 2008

“I should be able to think of something witty—like live bats or something, [but it’s] usually gallons of tea and organic toast with peanut butter.”—Joanna Coles on what she eats for breakfast, circa 2008 

“IHOP pancakes!”—Nina Garcia on her favorite junk food, circa 2010 

“I never eat junk food! That’s why I look so fabulous at 57. I’ve been a brown rice queen for ages.”— Simon Doonan, circa 2010 

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