A Big Win For Rihanna!

by The Daily Front Row

Oh, na, na… In a surprising legal turn of events, a London judge ruled today that Topshop shouldn’t have used Rihanna‘s name and image on a tank they sold in 2011 and 2012. Topshop was adamant they did nothing wrong claiming they bought the rights to the image from the photographer who took it on the set of her “We Found Love” video in 2011. The judge said that Topshop’s sale of the shirt had been an act of “passing off,” and that a “substantial number” of customers might have thought the shirt had been given the green light by the singer. Topshop reps said they were “surprised and disappointed by the judgment handed down today.” They are considering an appeal. No word yet on how much they’ll have to cough up. They found love in a hopeless place…

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