8 Indoor Garden Kits That You Can Still Order Online

by Tangie Silva

Not so surprisingly, people are going rural these days, even in tiny apartments. Just look at Zac Posen! The trend of indoor gardening and growing your own food is so popular, in fact, that tracking down any type of all-in-one kit has been something of an odyssey, with many companies running out of stock or resorting to pre-orders, which won’t arrive until June! If you’re feeling like you want to join in on the green thumb movement, here are some at-home garden kits you can still get your hands on.

1. CLICK AND GROW Smart Garden 3, $100
It’s perfect for anyone in a small apartment that doesn’t have ample counter space to spare. You receive a complimentary set of 3 basil biodegradable plant pods. They have seeds and nutrients already combined for easier growth. Plus, there’s perfectly calibrated watering and light system that’s all automated. You can also choose from over 50 different plants or use your own.

2. AEROGARDEN Bounty Elite, $430
This smart garden uses advanced hydroponics to get your growing five times faster than you would using soil. An assortment of 9 plants come in the seed pod kits letting you choose from gourmet herbs, red heirloom cherry tomatoes, cascading petunias and more. And the LED light is set to turn on and off at just the right time. The digital screen is also key to letting you see the garden’s stats like days planted and water levels.

3. GROW BOOK Spicy Edition, $35
If you’re into microgreens, Grow Book has got you! The bonus of growing young plants (besides them making your dishes look restaurant-ready) is that they’re supposed to be even more nutritious than their adult counterparts – up to 40 times! They’re full of potassium, iron, zinc — the list goes on and on. While there’s a basic salad option with arugula, purple radish, and amaranth we like this spiced up version with mustard, pepper cress, and white radish. It’s super simple to set up and you should be munching on them within 10 days.

4. GREENJOY Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit, $200
You’re getting a fully automatic, intelligent planter utilizing a hydroponics system that knows what each plants needs are for nutrition, light, and moisture. Perfect for the lazy indoor farmer, no? You can grow up to 15 plants – herbs, veggies, flowers – with the usual LED lights and auto timer but this also has an air circulation system to mimic a natural breeze. This way they can pollinate and aerate at full capacity. The water pump in the bottom of the tank helps the “roots breathe as well as take in nutrients faster and more evenly to shorten the growth cycle.”

5. LEGROW 10206 Self-Watering Indoor Planter and Humidifier, $149
This is by far one of the chicest options with it’s modern white porcelain pots. You can plant anything you want from microgreens to your favorite springtime blooms. The humidifier distributes moisture so plants are well hydrated from top to bottom and avoid any damage caused from heating or air conditioning in your home. In addition, the pots are lightweight and stackable letting you arrange a garden to suit your abode’s layout and you can keep adding onto your tower if you want.

6. SUNBLASTER Garden Growing Kit, $99
While you’ll need to source your own mix and seeds, this container has a high-efficency 11 watt output light that consumes 20 percent less power than your normal bulb. That’s 10,000 hours of useage! There’s reflectors to reduce heat build up and give plants their much needed sunning. You also get 4 reusable growing trays that will self water for up to 14 days.

7. AQUASPROUTS Garden Bundle, $225
Okay, so you’re investing in a little more than just plants with this aquarium-based set. But the fish are doing half the work! It’s a whole eco-system found in nature where the device recycles fish waste to provide vital nutrients for growing plants. This leaves the water clean and you don’t need additional filters. All you need to do is feed the little guys. We recommend the bundle which comes with everything from the planter which fits any 10 gallon aquarium and LED grow light to Aqua Grow plugs full of nourishing seedlings and even fish food. If your kids ever wanted swimming pets, this is the way to invest.

8. MIRACLE-GRO TWELVE Indoor Growing System, $300
You not only get an indoor garden but a side table too that can easily work in any room, not just the kitchen. It’s another all-in-one hydroponic system with a relatively easy set-up – there’s an app that can guide you too. If you can battle with that Ikea dresser, you can do this. In addition, the app connects to the system using Bluetooth tech so you can monitor water levels, set a growing schedule, and more.

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Angela Mariani April 30, 2020 - 4:55 PM

Can I just say that this is absolutely GENIUS! We don’t really have the option of retiring to the Florentine hillsides to escape the Bubonic plague (for reference check out The Decameron, written in 1353 , offering lots of bawdy tales of quarantine distractions) so indoor gardening is a great alternative. You just made my day, and my only dilemma is which one to get and/or how many to order


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