23-Year-Old Artist, Joseph Yonke, on the Rise in the Art World

by Amir Bakian

As a new generation of artists continues to push the boundaries of creativity, one name stands out among the rest: 23-year-old oil painter, Joseph Yonke. Joseph is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about names in the art world. His unique blend of abstract expressionism, surrealism, and cubism has captivated art critics and enthusiasts worldwide.

Joseph’s work includes a coalescence of multiple abstract-related art disciplines, from expressionism to surrealism, fauvism, cubism, impasto, and figurative art predominantly regarding portraiture and the human figure. His vibrant and often chaotic paintings reflect his experiences and significant moments in his life and explore themes of identity, emotion, consciousness, and the human condition.

For example, in one of his pieces, Cadmium Cory (based on a summer during an apprenticeship Joseph had with artist Cory Bonnet), he gives the audience a sneak peek into his life as an apprentice, including the experience of working alongside Cory.

Joseph’s work is also known for its bold use of color and his dedication to the pieces. He grew up painting and around the creative process. His grandfather, Robert Yonke, is a painter and was one of the first to introduce Joseph to art. Joseph has now fully committed to art. For the last two years, he invested in his career as a full-time artist and is already seeing the rewards.

In two years, Joseph built a name for himself as a top contemporary fine artist. He has a high-profile collector base in and out of the country. Joseph did his first solo exhibition last year in Pittsburgh. He is now preparing for a solo show in Miami this summer. His work and journey were also featured in notable publications like Digital Journal and LA Weekly. LA Weekly recognized Joseph for his rising fame in the art scene and his prominent style.

Joseph says his goal is to grow his brand and become an impactful and inspiring artist changing people’s lives for the better. “Fame is cool and all, but what comes from fame, such as being able to widely set an example of what a person can reach through determination and dedicating oneself to a purpose, is more important,” Joseph says. Through his art, he hopes to inspire and encourage viewers to hold their passions at a high value and work hard at something they care about.

“There has always been a conscious tendency to internalize everything happening in my life and around me, and as a result, my art is a culmination of these elements. While we face different things, what you are experiencing at the moment, someone else may have already gone through that. What I create is predominantly a view or commentary on the human condition and reflects what any human can feel or experience internally. I want to show people they don’t have to ignore, overlook, or suppress their emotions,” Joseph adds.

As Joseph continues developing his art, it is clear that he is on his way to the top. Collectors have him on their radar, and notable names in the art world recognize his talent and skills. Joseph is looking forward to sharing his art with more people worldwide.

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