Supermodel Helena Christensen Shares Her Selfie Secrets

by Taylor Harris

Is it humanly possible for Helena Christensen to take a bad picture?

Apparently, even supermodels have selfie outtakes. Speaking with Instyle UK, the Nineties icon shared her techniques for nailing the selfie and how those not-so-great takes can help you learn your angles.

“I think you can learn a lot about yourself from doing selfies. But I don’t think it’s necessary to show them all. Sometimes you need to keep your selfies to yourself,” she told the magazine. “It all comes down to good lighting. Direct flat light is good. Or a good back light. So play around. Turn yourself 360′ and find the light. If it coming straight at you or from above, put your chin down slightly. If it’s above, then top your chin up. That will give you deeper cheekbones.”

As if Christensen needed any help in the cheekbones department.

The model does later go on to say she’s a bit conflicted when it comes to the Instagram phenomenon on a whole, saying the new beauty standards bore out of it (e.g highly filtered Insta-models) aren’t healthy. “I’m so happy we didn’t have Instagram back when I and the other girls were starting out. It’s an added pressure,” she said of her Instagram experience. The model currently has 312,000 followers and counting. “Nowadays, girls are measured by the amount of followers they have, rather than by being just themselves. I started my account about two years ago, but I use it more as a visual diary. It’s like a trail of my life. I kind of forget there are so many people looking at it.’

Here, some of the supermodel’s most cheekbone-flattering selfies — get that good light Helena!

You make me so happy 💛

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