Here’s Your 2020 Horoscope According to Famed Astrologer Susan Miller

by Aria Darcella
2020 horoscope

The new year is just around the corner. But before we get there, we have to go through the holiday season. With that in mind, what better gift to give than a personalized look at the future? Luxury flower company Venus ET Fleur has teamed up with famed astrologer Susan Miller to create a collection of roses designed with each sign in mind. 

“I’ve always been obsessed with astrology and AstrologyZone, and wanted to work with Susan since she is the original astrologer, before the internet was even around,” says Venus ET Fleur co-founder Seema Bansal, a Taurus. “Susan has always been a trusted source for me and someone’s advice that I value. She also has a great fan base that trusts her knowledge and experience.”

Miller hand-picked a color for each sign from Venus ET Fleur’s 28-shade range, creating one that would perfectly embody their best traits. Naturally, The Daily not only wanted to see what each bouquet looked like, we also wanted to know what 2020 has in store. So we hopped on the phone with Miller — who uses her own mathematical program to map out the stars — to find out what to expect. 

Check out Miller’s predictions — and her flower choice — for your sign. If you’re more advanced in astrology and have had your chart done, Miller recommends you also read the horoscope for your rising sign.


Aries is going to have the most fantastic career. This is the year they see their name in lights. They see so much growth: they could get awards, they could have honors, they could get promoted. They have the golden touch when it comes to career. And this only comes every 12 years, so they must take advantage.

As an Aries you are energetic, assertive, self-starting, enthusiastic, risk taking, individualistic, passionate, and cheerful. You are courageous and daring, too, this is the reason why you are considered the sign of the entrepreneur, for you are always quick to become the first pathfinder to discover, and work on, something new. A fire sign, you like testing yourself physically, emotionally and competitively. The red planet is Aries’ ruler, and it is Mars that bestows on you these heroic qualities. The beautiful American Beauty rose will make you happy when you gaze upon your bouquet for it will arrive in your favorite color, red. In many cultures, red is considered lucky, bringing opportunity and prosperity. Indeed, red is “you.”


Taurus is going to travel far and wide. They’re going to go to countries they’ve never seen and never thought they’d ever get to visit. Now, lets say the person reading this says, “That’s not going to happen. I have children in private school. Every penny is going to their tuitions!” No. Jupiter not only gives you the opportunity, but the means to take advantage of it. I write for Hariette magazine in Istanbul. My director [once] said, “Susan we need you over here so we’re sending you a business class ticket to stay a week and we’ll put you in the Four Seasons.” I got to go to Istanbul, and it was a year when I was paying tuition for my children all by myself. Also, if they’d like to write a book or column this is the year to get working on that because publishing and broadcasting are sparkling for them.

As a Taurus, you are sensuous, luxury, and comfort seeking. You are also patient, reflective, and consistent; the qualities that have proven to be your secret to success. You have earned the title of most impressive master builder and producer of any sign. Others know they can rely on you through all circumstances, and in time, you become their rock. You are the child of Venus, your ruling planet, and it bestows these admirable qualities upon you. In old master paintings, Venus was often depicted carrying her silk drawstring purse containing many gold coins — astrologers know Venus is not only associated with love, beauty, art and embellishment, but also with money, too. Taurus, an earth sign, understands quality, and is oriented toward building wealth. In love and friendship, you are true blue, the reason this bouquet color is prefect for you.


Gemini makes more money than they’ve ever seen before. The money comes in through royalties, commissions, licensing fees — it’s performance based. Let’s say you’re an actress. It would be all residuals from a movie but it could come from another source. Let’s say you bought a charity raffle ticket, and you win first prize. It could be that you go on a TV game show, or your great aunt leaves you a beautiful inheritance. It could be so many different things, but it tends to be chunks of money, not regular money like a salary is. It’s big chunks, which is easier to save or invest. It gives you so many options.

Sharp intelligence, alert, versatile, quickly adaptable, and perceptive, you are also ever curious and questioning. You are also warm, friendly, and bubbly; always appearing younger than your years. You will always be associated with yellow, the color of bright a fresh-squeezed juice you have in the morning, the yellow legal pads, and pencils you use when brainstorming, and the yellow taxis you hail in New York when rushing to an appointment. Everything you do is fast, for as an air-sign, you move like the wind. Your ruling planet, Mercury, keeps you thinking, reacting, and moving at a speedy clip. Pale yellow champagne is a favorite choice for your celebrations — it is effervescent, just like you. At the time of your birth, bright yellow sunshine spills across mountains, lakes, meadows and shiny cities. Friends say you are sunshine in a bottle, so it follows that you’d love the vibrant yellow color of your bouquet.


Cancer has the best marriage aspects. You’ll see a lot of Cancers getting married. Let’s say your reader says, “Well, I’m already married.” Great! Your husband or wife is going to do great and you will both benefit. You’ll both get to travel and have more time for each other. Let’s say the reader says, “I’m not going to get married. I’m not in the mood. I’m not even dating anyone.” Then you can use this for business partnerships. You can get the perfect agent, the perfect manager, the perfect publicist; people who work one-on-one with you in a very direct way. And that’s also very, very lucky. You can get married and hire an agent, these are not mutually exclusive. Partnerships are magic for Cancers.

Sensitive, intuitive, and romantic, you are a water sign, and often thought to be the valentine of the zodiac. You love your home and work to make it a cozy, beautifully decorated, warm, safe and protective haven for your family against a sometimes unpredictable world. Your ability to nurture others is legendary. The beautiful, changing moon is your ruler and is considered the repository of your emotions, dreams and memories. The moon gives you your exquisite capacity for both feeling and expressing a wide range of emotions. Like the luminous moon, dear Cancer, you will always be associated with pure white. Even your precious birthstone, the pearl, is white. White roses are for you for they echo the beauty and radiance of your emblem, the graceful moon.


For Leo, [it’s all about] fitness and health. They can lose that last 10 pounds and look magnificent. They’re going to want to work out. I don’t want them to go too far! They’re going to be very enthusiastic. Go to your doctor first to make sure you don’t over-do. But this is a great year to work on that. Also, at work you get all the plum assignments and the type of work you get will lead up the ladder of success. Not like Aries — Aries already put in that background work. But this year, especially if they’re self employed, the phone is going to ring all the time. So that’s really great.

As a Leo, you are proud, confidant, distinguished, and determined. You are a fire-sign and exude authority, the reason you make a fine leader. You are also highly creative, and your taste is renowned to be refined, elegant, progressive, and sophisticated. Your use of color is often celebrated, as is your talent with music. Many Leos work in the entertainment field or cultural arts for those fields allow you to showcase your abundant talents. The powerful Sun rules your sign, making you warm-hearted, loving, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Leo is the royal sign, associated with luxury, quality, and uniqueness. Your flower is bright orange, the same color of the brilliant Sun, and matches your vivacious, buoyant personality.


The people who are going to do the best this year are the Virgos. They are in a perfect spot to take advantage of everything because they’re an Earth sign. They’re going to find themselves at the right place at the right time. Also, Virgo has the best love aspects of the year. The very best of anybody. They also have the best chance at having a child. Virgo is having love, parties, and friendship.

Virgo is considered a smart, discerning, industrious sign that strives toward perfection. Loving and giving, your deepest joy comes from helping others. Matters of health, healing, and cleanliness interest you, and some Virgos go into medicine to bring relief to those who suffer. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by intellectual, communicative Mercury, but the difference is, air-sign Gemini enjoys getting lots of information simply to be in the know, but your earth sign element urges you look for a practical application for all you hear and see. You are born at the time of the harvest, at end of summer, before the leaves slowly begin to fall. The color green in all of its many incarnations is your emblem. Modest and reserved, soft mint green roses are the perfect ones for you.


Real estate, real estate, real estate! This is the year to move or to fix up their present apartment or house. They could not wish for a better aspect to move, because where they would move will be bright and sunny with a view, and would be spacious.

Refined, polished, and poised, Libra, like Taurus, is also the child of Venus. While Taurus is an Earth sign that is considered the builder and producer of the zodiac, your element is air, giving you an analytical quality to your personality, so you often find a rousing debate enjoyable. You are always on a mission to find the fair and just answer. Symbolized by the scales, you are always diplomatic and have impeccable manners. You are also idealistic, and you search for harmonious proportion in all things, from beauty and art, to justice in the courts. You are happiest when coupled up, for Libra is the marriage sign. Think of the rustle of silk taffeta worn by the ladies of the Rococo drawing room, and the petit fours on the butler’s gleaming tray, and you will see in your mind’s eye the soft pastels that quintessentially belong to Libra. The rose for you is the one in the delicate tone of cotton-candy pink, the same soft pink of the morning fog that wraps San Francisco in such beauty.


Scorpio is an interesting one. It has to do with their ability to communicate. This is the year for them to start a podcast, or to start an app, or to write that book. The success of this coming year depends on how well they communicate and what they do in the communication realm. Let’s say they say, “Well, I’m not really in PR. I’m not in sales.” But they may get asked by their company to go on TV and be a spokesperson when they’ve never done it before. Communication is such a thundering presence for the Scorpios, and if they feel they should go back to school to take maybe a creative writing class or a grammar class, this would be a great year to do it because really, they will go far.

As a Scorpio, you are passionate, loving, magnetic and sexy. You are also intuitive, possessive, secretive and private. A water sign, you prove that “still water runs deep” for your emotions are intense, but your poised exterior gives no hint to the unfathomable depth of your feelings. You are ruled by Pluto, a planet that teaches you not to squander your energy but rather to laser it toward your goal. Small talk does not interest you — when you engage in conversation, you want it to be meaningful. You will ask the other person many questions, but your private nature causes you to reveal little about yourself. At your birthday, trees are bare, and the rains and snow will soon come. The fallen leaves will now cover earth with a blanket of nutrients and warmth. Your color is a deep purple, like the sky at sunset, with slashes of purple and points of red — your rose bouquet is divinely plum, a color of mystery and faith.


Sagittarians finally make the money they’ve been deserving. They just came through their Emerald year in 2019 and everything was glorious. There’s always one sign that’s the celestial favorite and this year it was Sagittarius. They were getting the opportunities they’ve always wanted. Love was really great, children, all these things. But they didn’t have the money they wanted. Now the universe makes a correction in 2020 and this money that’s coming in is not like the Geminis’. It’s regular money, it’s salaried money or fees if they’re self employed. It’s very good, they’re going to be very happy. All the seeds they planted in 2019 start coming up in their garden this year. So the meetings they had, the people they saw, that is where the profits emanate from.

A fire-sign, you are curious, outgoing, risk-taking and optimistic. You are also ethical and honest, and considered the philosopher and thinker of the zodiac. Your sign seeks knowledge on a wide variety of topics, and you are the sign most likely to go for advanced university degrees. You are also known to be the adventurous and pioneering international traveler of signs. Ancient astrologers wrote that journeys to foreign countries was an exciting form of education, a concept you have taken to heart. When you do go overseas, you have a childlike sense of wonder at the sights, colors, sounds, tastes, and textures of the culture you are visiting. In no time flat you’ve picked up words of the language, mastered the map, and the country’s currency — soon you fit right in. You are a kaleidoscope of all you experience, so it’s natural that your ideal bouquet would reflect the many colors of the world you see — a rainbow roses.


Capricorn becomes the celestial favorite in 2020. Capricorn’s been through a lot for the past two years. They’ve had Saturn in Capricorn and they have one more year to go. But they’re used to having Saturn testing them, trying to find weak links in their life. Anything that was not quite right, it showed up right away. The Capricorns learned to fix things. It was strenuous, lets’ put it that way. Now they get everything they’ve wanted. Remember, one sign gets the cornucopia every year and this year it’s Capricorn, 2020.

You are the most ambitious zodiac sign, fervently bent on achieving ultimate professional success. Like the sure-footed goat that is your motif, you most often make your way to the top of the mountain. Your dependable, disciplined nature, along with a strong sense of responsibility, all contribute to your success. A realistic earth sign, you know your reputation is your most valuable asset, and that your performance must always be appropriate and above reproach. You value history, honor tradition, and value the sanctity of family. Your sense of humor is witty and clever — it’s a side you show most often to your inner circle. A modest soul, you don’t like to call attention to yourself, but prefer to work quietly and patiently, without fanfare. The perfect bouquet is lilac, a color associated with first love, and hints at your romantic side that you like to keep private, as you might say, for “just us two.”


The Aquarians have a quiet year ahead, because they have to get ready for their big year that comes starting December 17, 2020, through 2021. What they have to do this year is detach from things that no longer excite them anymore. If they don’t like their job, start thinking about what they would like to do. And if they’ve been going out with someone for six years and the ring never comes, it’s time to either go to couples therapy or leave. It’s a year to think about what would make the Aquarian happy. Jupiter is getting ready with a basket full of goodies. But if you have no room in your life to put the goodies, it’ll be a shame, because you waited 12 years for Jupiter to come. In 2020, they have to decide what stays and what goes. But also there’s a benefit to this year. There are people behind the scenes that are saying good things about the Aquarians. It’s like having a guardian angel, but it’s a real person who is very highly placed (but who may not want you to know that they’re pulling for you). It’s also a great year to do research in solitude. Go to the library or go the lab — work by yourself as much as possible. That’s when the breakthroughs happen. Also it’s a wonderful year to go into the hospital and have anything taken care of that you’ve been meaning to do but you never get around to it because you’re busy. Let’s say they’d like to stop smoking or end a dependence on something. This is the time to do it.

You are inventive, futuristic, innovative, and at times, idiosyncratic, for you are ruled by Uranus, the planet of individuality. Uranus is also known to be the higher octave of Mercury, for Uranus takes Mercury’s talents for communication and analysis, and re-synthesizing them into new and more modern ideas, straight into the realm of genius. You are an analytical, intellectual air-sign, linked to scientific research, exploration and development of high technology. Your ruling planet Uranus teaches you to be a disrupter, and to question rules and tradition. Your sign is also known to be the charitable, humanitarian sign, moved by seeing those who have been overlooked and marginalized by society. Your favorite method of helping others is by organizing groups to bring funds, awareness, and research. Your mind is lightening quick, and so you are associated with bright, neon colors. Your bouquet is appropriately hot pink — as brilliant and unique as you.


Pisces has had a banner year for their career. Now they need to socialize more. They need to join a club and they need to show up. They need to leave the house. Actually, Pisces likes to stay home a lot, and they’re very creative. But they need to mix and mingle more because all the golden nuggets lay with friends. They’re going to make new friends, they’re going to expand their circle and it’s very, very good.

You live in your world of Imagination and it’s a world you love. It’s been said that water-sign Pisces is the most creative sign, for you bring ideas up from the depths of your subconscious, and even you can’t quite say where your ground-breaking ideas emanate. You enjoy being with friends, but you also need equal time alone. You know that when you work in solitude your most original ideas will surface. A compassionate soul, you are sensitive to other’s suffering, and you are always ready to provide sympathy — your ruler, Neptune, gives you the sensitivity to give unconditional love to one and all, even to complete strangers. The Swiss psychiatrist and proponent of astrology, Carl Jung, spoke of the sea as symbolic of the collective unconsciousness, where the hopes and dreams of all mankind — all ethnicities, religions, and nationalities — mingle as one. Neptune rules over the world’s oceans, so you understand this concept and embrace it on the deepest level. Your rose is aqua, the color of the sea. When you gaze at your bouquet, you will be reminded of your faith in others, and your faith in a loving universe.

The Venus ET Fleur x Susan Miller Zodiac collection is available now. Each bouquet retails for $169.

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