10 Things You Don’t Know About…Stylist Mikiel Benyamin

by Sydney Sadick

At just 23 years old, stylist Mikiel Benyamin already has his own company and dresses celebs ranging from Cardi B to Keke Palmer and more. While he’s popular for his bad and boujee street style and buzzy presence on Instagram, here are a few things you might not know… 

1. I was born in Egypt and lived there until I was 11: Even though I don’t remember much, living there as a child and taking trips to the pyramids was really fun.
2. VFILES was the first platform to discover me: [When I was 18] they did an interview with me, which aired online, and it made me strive to want more in the fashion industry.
3. I interned at Nylon: It was three years ago, and I learned a lot about the industry and how to be a stylist from their fashion team.
4. I am obsessed with Nutella: I eat Nutella almost every day with croissants and pancakes.
5. Coach is one of my favorite brands: I’ve owned a Coach wallet since I was 18, and have since continued to shop their collections and pull for my work styling celebrities.
6. I listen to Spanish reggaeton: My favorites are J Balvin and Maluma. Even though I don’t understand most of it, I love the songs.
7. I order hot chocolate every morning: I was never able to like coffee so instead I order hot chocolate to start my days.
8. I started my own company last year: Mikiel Benyamin Studios styles clients for red carpets, performances, and day to day, including editorials and work with fashion magazines.
9. My dream is to style Lady Gaga: She is someone who changed my life and showed me that my true passion is styling and working in the fashion industry.
10. L.A. is my favorite city: Since going for the first time in January, I cannot wait to go back. I love the weather and how vacation-like it is.

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