10 Things You Don’t Know About…Phillipe Blond

by Sydney Sadick

Creative, fierce, and fabulous are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Phillipe Blond. It’s been 10 years since the designer started The Blonds, along with partner David Blond—time flies!—but how well do you know the platinum-blonde creative force? From Phillipe’s favorite candy to best pal to “children,” here’s what we uncovered in our latest installment of “10 Things You Don’t Know About…” 

  1. I walk in all my own runway shows: This past February I closed The Blonds show in a catsuit embroidered with over 100,000 pearls and crystals!
  2. I’m not just a designer, I’m also a makeup artist: I love experimenting with makeup on myself and my friends, and have been wearing makeup since I was a kid!
  3. I have two children: They are Bijoux and Fifi Blond, my Chinese Cresteds.
  4. I’m a Nuyorican: Most people usually think I’m French because of my name!
  5. I love Paris: It’s the only other city I can ever see myself living in other than New York.
  6. I’m obsessed with custom fitted baseball hats: My favorite is my gray New York Yankees cap with PBLOND embroidered on the side.
  7. I love Blow Pops!: My studio is full of bowls of them and Blue Raspberry is my favorite!
  8. I’m a toy collector: I’ve waited up to two years to get an item, and I’m a fierce bidder!
  9. I love to work out: I listen to salsa music during my workouts at the amazing TMPL gym.
  10. My best friend is my dad: He has always supported me from Day One, and he is The Blonds’ number one fan!

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