10 Things You Don’t Know About…Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

by Sydney Sadick

In celebration of Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert‘s collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman—an overall homage to her impact on the fashion world including curated windows installed in the legendary storefront—we thought it was perfect timing for Engelbert to write in on 10 things you don’t know about her. Take it away, Giovanna! 

  1. I rarely wear makeup: Except when I have to go to a show or event.
  2. I’m obsessed with the Minions!: I’ve seen all their movies and have a huge stuffed animal minion in my home in Sweden.
  3. The first Magazine I worked at was called PIG: It was based in Milan, Italy.
  4. I love day-after pizza: It’s my secret pleasure.
  5. My feet are two different sizes: My right foot is a size 40 and my left is size 39.
  6. I have to buy two different shoe sizes and mix and match them:…for the [above] reason.
  7. My wardrobe is split between New York, Sweden and London: It all lives in an online archive of photographs so I know where everything is.
  8. I have an addiction to good t-shirts: I buy a graphic tee pretty much anywhere I go!
  9. My passion for styling began when I was young: I would make fashion shows with my Barbies.
  10. I love anchovies: I also love uni sushi!


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