10 Things You Don’t Know About…Fern Mallis

by Sydney Sadick

Fern Mallis is without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, but how well do you know the creator of New York Fashion Week? Fern gets personal just days before we kick off the Spring/Summer 2018 season of NYFW… 

  • My father worked in the Garment District (as did my two uncles): Growing up, I went to work with my Dad every chance I could. I remember my Dad bringing home the day’s WWD so I could read it.
  • My most HATED food is cilantro: I can’t stand the taste!
  • My favorite place to travel to is India: I have made more than 60 trips there, worked on Fashion Week in Bombay for 10 years, and now sit on a board of a diamond exporter.
  • I am an Aries: And I’m a firm believer in astrology.
  • I worked in the design industry before creating NYFW as executive director of the CFDA: I had my own PR firm for 10 years. Charivari was amongst the first clients, I ran the IDCNY in Long Island City and arranged for Comme des Garçons’ first show in New York to be there.
  • I got my first job by winning a contest at Mademoiselle Magazine: I was guest editor.
  • I performed in a play off-Broadway: “Love, Loss and What I Wore” by Nora and Delia Ephron.
  • I love collecting jewelry from my travels: I have hundreds of bangles and tons of necklaces.
  • My happy place is at my country home: On a picturesque lake in Southampton, where I can unwind.
  • I’m a great cook: When I have the time and good guests to share in the results…usually at the country house.

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