10 Things You Don’t Know About…Good Housekeeping’s Meaghan Murphy

by Sydney Sadick

Good Housekeeping’s executive editor Meaghan Murphy has previously held titles at books like Cosmo and Self, but how well do you know the outgoing editrix pre-publishing world? Murphy breaks down her TV days and more… 

  1. My husband is my best friend: …And my younger brother’s best friend. We secretly dated until we got busted making out at a bar in Hoboken. Fast forward 12 years—and three kids!
  2. I was in 98 Degrees’s first video: It was for their song Invisible Man with dance moves that rivaled Elaine from Seinfeld. People would see me on campus at the time and flash me an aggressive full-body side kick with two thumbs up.
  3. Confession—I measure my Malbec: I was legendary for “Meaghan Pours,” which were pretty much the equivalent of a bowl of wine, so a friend gave me Fred Flare glasses with actual measurements on them as a gag gift. I use them obsessively. Wine not?! Oh, and puns are my superpower.
  4. I’m learning guitar: I just got a brand new Fender and I’m determined to master “Rocky Raccoon.” My dad, who passed away last year, played it to us when we were kids, so it gives me all the feels. #operationgoodgrief
  5. Meet the Chief Spirit Officer of Westfield, New Jersey: Seriously, as in the mayor appointed me CSO! This basically means I’m a volunteer cheerleader who’s renamed the town Bestfield because Best rhymes with West…and it’s a pretty awesome place to raise a family. Sweatshirts, pillows, and tea towels have been made!
  6. I only do three-letter workouts: SLT, OTF, POE, Fly(wheel), in motivational tank tops. I have 47…probably 49 by the time you read this.
  7. Marc Jacobs is secretly designing for me: I believe this in my heart. (No one ruin the fantasy, please!) Our “monogram” MBM(J) sweatshirt with orange (my power color!) lettering; the sad face dress, sad face sneakers, sad face sweater, makeup bag, computer case—that let my clothes be sad for me during a tough time; snail earrings to remind me to slow down; a Mickey Mouse collection right after an epic Team Murphy trip to Disney…See?!
  8. I have an ON/OFF switch: Every day, I power down at 10:17 p.m. and turn back on at 5:03 a.m. without an alarm, as if I were a robot. I wish I could share my gift of sleep.
  9. I was an on-air correspondent for MTV: This was back in the ’90s. I did everything from a bikini shopping fashion show with Christina Ricci at the Jersey Shore Beach House to interviewing, uh, amorous high-schoolers about spring fever. So fun to be reunited with Carson for a Today Show segment last year talking Shopkins, Pokémon, and comparing pics of our kids off camera!
  10. My nails have issues…of GH!: I match my gel manicure to the cover of Good Housekeeping every month. So far I have a three-year subscription and counting!

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