10 Things You Don’t Know About…W Magazine’s Armand Limnander

by Sydney Sadick

He’s been a staple fixture at W for years, but how well do you know the book’s executive editor Armand Limnander? The industry maven gets personal in the latest installment of “10 Things.”

  1. My great-uncle was on the Titanic: He survived.
  2. I had 18 parakeets as a child: No joke!
  3. My first job after college was writing ads: …some of which appeared on the subway. No, they weren’t for Dr. Zizmor.
  4. I can’t stand when people wear mismatched blacks: It’s my biggest fashion pet peeve.
  5. I love the Real Housewives of AucklandIt’s my current TV obsession.
  6. I hate coffee: …even though I’m Colombian. But I do love to eat powdered milk.
  7. I wear Helmut Lang glasses: I’ve worn the same pair for almost 20 years.
  8. My full name is Armand Pierre Ghislain Limnander de Nieuwenhove: Not the easiest byline.
  9. My brother and I used to have sleeping contests: He holds the record: 22 hours in one day.
  10. Years ago, The Daily described my look as “Pervy Geography Professor:” I’ll take it.


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