10 Things You Don’t Know About…Todd Snyder

by Sydney Sadick

In honor of New York Fashion Week: Men’s, we tapped one of the week’s showing designers, Todd Snyder (who shows tonight!), to share some of his most interesting personal intel… 

  1. I was voted best-dressed in high school: At the time I thought it was the best honor…still do.
  2. My first job was de-tasseling corn in Iowa: De-tasseling is when you pull off the top of a corn stalk so that the corn can become seed corn (feed for animals). This was the worst job I ever had and it convinced me to go to college. Imagine being trapped in a corn field for eight hours in 100 degree heat just pulling tops off of corn…Today, when I’m having a bad day at work, I think back to that job. It keeps me centered and grateful.
  3. My favorite band is The Smiths: I love listening to them when I design. I started to listen in college and haven’t found anything better to get me in the zone.
  4. I love to travel: I didn’t leave Iowa until I was 18.  Now there isn’t a month when I don’t go somewhere. I love it! It’s where I get all my inspiration. My favorite places are Capri, Italy, and Tokyo.
  5. I used to sew my own clothes: I learned to sew and how to make my own patterns in college and worked as a tailor’s assistant on weekends and summers. I haven’t sewn in five years, but I used to love it.
  6. My first job in the fashion industry was at Ralph Lauren: I worked for free…I did anything they asked! Cleaned the closet, ran errands, and they even let me design a few things. I loved it!
  7. My father was a civil engineer and my mom is an artist: I get all my creativity from my mother. She encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue art. I owe her everything.
  8. I go to the Iowa State Fair every year: It’s the best! Great food, drinks, and people. I never liked it growing up, but now I love it.
  9. I used to play basketball every day: It’s my favorite sport. I tore my ACL playing on the streets in New York after school and I haven’t played since.
  10. I don’t drink coffee: Only espresso, when I travel to Europe. I need a shot to keep me going, but I don’t like the taste.

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