10 NYC Wellness Temples You Need to Visit in 2020

by Mani Tolkow

There are always ways to incorporate wellness into your life, especially when you live in New York City. From functional lattes and cryotherapy to Chinese medicine and non-toxic nail polish, here are 10 go-to wellness spots to try out in the new year.

2 East 15th Street
Phone Number: (646)-560-8088
Looking for an all-in-one holistic health, wellness, and fitness destination? THE WELL is the place to be. Frequented by celebs like Priyanka Chopra, THE WELL has an exceptionally modern, bohemian design and is all things relaxation. THE WELL recognizes various benefits of both Western medicine and Eastern healing. THE WELL offers Day Tripper services a la carte (plus amenities) allowing all day access to the club. You can also sign up for their full membership program which includes preferred member pricing on treatments and medical services, one-on-one health coaching, unlimited fitness classes, complimentary assessments and priority reservations at their restaurant. THE WELL provides everything from mindfulness to sports medicine, healthy food, a shop, spa services, health coaching, and Ayurveda, THE WELL is the perfect escape from the chaos of the city.


2. HigherDOSE
11 Howard Street (with additional locations)
Phone Number: (917)-398-3673
Enjoyed by models such as Bambi Northwood-Blyth, HigherDOSE is known for their signature infrared sauna rooms. Infrared saunas are famous for detoxifying the whole body, calming and boosting your immune system, pain relief, collagen boosting, anti-aging, skin purification, circulation and cell health. With nine locations around the city, HigherDOSE also offers chromotherapy, infrared sauna blankets, light therapy, cryofacials, and lymphatic drainage massages.


3. Stretch*d
27 W 20th St
Phone Number: (212)-548-6500
Stretching is something you probably didn’t think you needed help with, but you definitely do. At Stretch*d, you can expect to be pulled in all directions for safe and effective assisted stretching. Using dynamic methods, your flexibility and range of motion are built up over time. Stretching is not just for athletes or gym rats, at Stretch*d they emphasize the sentiment that stretching is for everyone. Stretch*d emphasizes the importance of stretching whether you workout frequently  or sit at a desk all day. Likewise, Stretch*d is for every age, every lifestyle, and every body. They also offer compression boots for circulation, Hypervolt machine massages, and CBD massages. Even if you only have 25 minutes, Stretch*d is worth a visit!


4. Inscape 
45 W 21st St
Phone Number: (646)-952-0706
Inscape is the best spot for some peace and quiet. Offering meditation, relaxation, and a wide range of curated wellness products, Inscape is the perfect place for a wellness junkie. They offer audio-guided meditations to calm and restore the mind, deep relaxation with CBD, and breath-work. You can purchase single sessions or assorted memberships packages. Online or in-store, you can purchase a wide range of health and wellness products from candles to healthy cookbooks, CBD oils, and spirit guidebooks. If you can’t make it to their studio or are not in NYC, they also have an app filled with on-the-go meditations.


5. Chillhouse (with additional location)
149 Essex St
Phone Number: (646)-678-3501
Chillhouse Face and Body Studio on the Lower East Side is a one stop shop for your face and body self-care regime.  Additionally, their Soho location offers manicures, pedicures and even has a café. Go alone, with a friend, or book an event and spend a relaxing day being pampered. At both locations you can become a member or just stop in for a one-time treatment. Chillhouse is the epitome of cool self-care with an amazing aesthetic.


6. IMD Beauty Spa 
224 5th Ave 6th floor
Phone Number: (212)-951-7035
IMD Beauty Spa is loved by models like Romee Strijd and Rachel Hilbert. Named after the owner, Irani Makimoto-Domino (a medical aesthetician and massage therapist), IMD specializes in body treatments such as thermawraps and infrared saunas. IMD was founded on the idea of the body being able to heal itself. Using techniques from traditional lymphatic drainage and massage, their signature lymphatic treatment is designed to boost your immune system, increase circulation, decrease appearance of cellulite, and reduce swelling. IMD is the best place for instant results!

IMD Beauty Spa

7. Clean Market
240 E 54th St
Phone Number: (646)-850-6300
Clean Market has it all: curated wellness products, a cafe, and health services. They have a robust shop, filled with products for gut health, energy, clean beauty, mood, detoxing, and more. Their food shop is filled with unusual health-boosting smoothies, healthy snacks, matcha, functional lattes, and all the superfoods. Add bee pollen, kale. or probiotics to any smoothie and you’re good to go! Clean Market also offers IV drips, cryotherapy, and infrared saunas to continue treating yourself to health.

Clean Market

8. Wthn 
20 W 22nd Street
Phone Number: (646)-558-9846
Wthn is the ultimate sanctuary for Chinese medicine, specializing in acupuncture, herbal supplements, cupping, and facials. Their approach to holistic healing is based on 2,500 years of healing and research of traditional Chinese practices. Effects of Chinese healing include better sleep, less anxiety, better digestion, release of tight muscles, less fatigue, aid in women’s health, and even relief from chronic pain. If you’ve yet to dabble in the benefits of Chinese medicine, Wthn is a great place to start!

9. Studio Britta 
147 Spring Street
Phone Number: (646)-476-5089
Founded by Britta Plug, Studio Britta is the number one place for holistic skincare. Highlighted in Vogue, Bazaar, and Well+Good, Studio Britta is known for their traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic take on facials. Gua Sha (scrapping of skin with flat rose quartz) facials naturally sculpt the face, boost its natural glow, and support lymphatic drainage. Co-owned by an herbalist/acupuncturist and herbalist/product developer, Studio Britta has their own range of Gua Sha products so you can keep your skincare routine with at all times. They offer massage-based facials, acupuncture, and even professional skincare training (in person or online) if you fall in love with their philosophy!

Studio Britta

10. Sundays Studio
51 E. 25th St (with additional locations)
Phone Number:(646)-998-5711
Sundays Studio is probably the chicest nail salon in the city. It is wellness-inspired nail care using only their own formula of non-toxic, vegan, 10 free (no chemicals), high quality polishes. Sundays Studio nail polish focuses not just on great service but the importance of clean/green beauty and cruelty free products that still have the look and pigmentation of traditional nail polish. If you’re looking for a little extra while getting a manicure or pedicure, feel free to listen to a provided meditation or get a massage for the most relaxing experience. You can even buy their polishes!

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