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(NEW YORK) The Woman Behind The Saks Fifth Avenue Revamp [Wall Street Journal]
A makeover courtesy of the department store’s new president, Marigay McKee, will include flashier brands and a rather large budget

Why Dolce & Gabbana Aren’t Sold On Victoria Beckham’s Designs [Telegraph]
The design duo consider Beckham’s line to be good, but not impressive

Leaving Few Clues Behind [The New York Times]
Fashion designer Jay Ott vanished on Sunday night, and has been missing ever since

BMW And Louis Vuitton Take To The Road [New York Observer]

An unexpected collaboration between the luxury label and the German car yields a sleek collection of luggage

What To Expect From Allure’s New Video Channel [Fashionista]
Editor in chief Linda Wells will be tapping online personalities to contribute content, in addition to offering up an even wider spread of makeup knowledge

Julie Gilhart On Conscious Consumerism [Business of Fashion]
The consultant muses on how an over-the-top couture show inspired her quest to find eco-friendly options in the fashion industry

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